Rachel from California

We got Jada back in September and love her SO much! We renamed her “Charlie”, and she is the smartest pup in the world. She absolutely loves playing soccer, playing in water, and is best friends with our cat Kyla. Couldn’t ask for a better dog. Thank you!!!

Tom from Texas

Getting our girl, Lola, from Emilys Retriever Puppies was a great decision!! Despite being in Texas, I felt like I was included in the puppy picking process with several pictures, videos, and personality feedback from the in-home breeder, and Lola was everything I asked for–a spunky, friendly girl that’s ready to hike and fetch all day but also ready to cuddle and chill. She’s everything you would expect a golden to be with a a very typical golden personality, friendliness, and intelligence. Obviously, her parents were well-matched for their personality, temperament, and looks. Lola arrived in Texas by plane with no issues and already making friends with the airline personnel. When it comes time to get Lola a sister, we will absolutely be repeat customers!

Kara from Ohio

Hi! Just wanted to send some photos of little Libby! I am so happy that I chose you guys to find my little baby. This is my first time ever having a pet and I am so in love! She is so perfect and everyone in Columbus stops when they see her outside. I have heard she is the cutest puppy people have ever seen so many times! Thank you again!

Mike from Phoenix

The pups are adorable Galen, thanks much for holding them for us. They came to a great home. Very happy we got sisters, they play like that and after a bath both passed out!! We will send pics in a few months. Update: Hey Emily, I thought I would send another pic of our dogs. Super cute photo since they are almost full grown now. Nearly impossible to tell them apart unless it’s my wife or me looking at them. Anyway, thanks again for the great dogs!! Both are fully potty trained and couldn’t be better house dogs.

Terri from Arizona

Our family has been so blessed with Lou (now Daisy). She is 9 months now and LOVES all people and animals and is so smart. You can tell by her gentle demeanor and beauty that she has incredible lineage from her parents Diamond and Kayla. Her breeders, Ruth and Jacob were so kind and made the process really easy for us. Thank you for breeding your Goldens with care and love. We are loving life with our Daisy Lou!

Carrie from Ohio

Just wanted to thank you for steering us to the perfect dog for our family! Henry will be five months old the end of this month, and he couldn’t be sweeter or more fun! We adore him! Thank you! Update : Hi Emily! About a year ago my husband and I started searching for a golden retriever who would become part of our family. Never could we have dreamed how much our Henry would bless all of us. He’s now a year old, and he is our daughter’s confidant and best friend. He’s so incredibly sweet and good with her! Thank you again for putting us in touch with the awesome family who raised Henry until he was old enough to join ours!

Brianna & Austin from Tennessee

Hey, it’s Brianna. I bought Gabi from you guys and I just wanted to send you a few pictures of her, today was her 1st birthday. She’s doing very good, loves playing outside with her toys and taking walks at rock creek. She loves to be around other dogs, very playful! She knows how to sit, shake, roll over and lay down, she listens very well! She’s a wonderful dog, very well protective over the family especially the toddler. She knows when your sad and likes to make you happy by jumping in your lap and licking you to death. We love her to pieces and thank you for selling us a wonderful dog

Maggie from California

Our puppy is amazing. His temperament is so gentle and kind with our 4-year-old and he is a smart pup. It didn’t take him long to potty train at all. Everyone who comes into our house is just amazed at what a good puppy he is…the perfect addition to our family. This was Donald, but we call him Miles now. Thanks for the wonderful experience! It was our first time buying a puppy and we couldn’t be happier.

Brian & Sarah from Ohio

Hello Emily! Simba (previously known as Bear) is 14 weeks old now, and he is such an amazing puppy. He is on track to become a certified therapy dog when he turns one year old, and he has learned a handful of tricks already. He can sit, shake hands, high five, and lay down with ease. He is such a blessing to us, and we are so grateful for the puppy y’all have provided us with. Seriously though, what a gem. Thank you so much, and we hope to stay in touch!